Monday, July 1, 2013

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...

Okay, since there was a post about people's favorite Batman and their favorite Catwoman—and since Man of Steel just set a new box office record for films opening in June—it's natural to ask: of all the various adaptations in the last 75 years, who is your favorite Superman? (And if you don't like Superman you'll probably enjoy the Esquire article by Stephen Marche, "Why Superman Sucks.")

Bud Collyer

Kirk Alyn

George Reeves

Bob Holiday (the star of the original 1966 Broadway musical
It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman)

Bud Collyer (Yep, the same voice actor for the Max Fleischer 1940s cartoons also voiced
Superman for the 1966-1970 CBS series. Collyer played Superman on the early
radio shows as well.)

Christopher Reeve

Dean Cain

Tim Daly

Brandon Routh

Tom Welling

Mark Valley

Henry Cavill



  1. Henry Cavill it is. This guy was huge. And the movie was the best one so far- a brand new aproach to the character -a more mature and serious one as well. (I guess the fans of the comics will laugh at me now but anyways). Superman is the stronges superhero ever and he deserved a good movie...damn, that guy hits with the power of 4 supernovas-I hope his movies get even more epic in the future

  2. For me it is a neck at neck tie between Henry Cavill and Christopher Reeve. Reeve was the first Superman I ever knew. To me he was Superman. Since Reeve's passing though, I've watched each actor as they brought their own bits of personality to the character. But Henry Cavill is IT!! He met all of my hopes and then some. SIDENOTE: I must admit that without Fleisher's original 1940's cartoons, I think a lot of what we attribute to Superman would not have been fully realized so Kudos to them too.

  3. Tom Welling is pasted onto Routh's body! What's that about?

    Also, as fitting as Cavill seems (haven't see the film yet, but he really works for me already), I keep thinking that Nicolas Cage should be on the list, because... well... Nicolas Cage! It would certainly have been a must-see... maybe he can still play Bizarro against Cavill!

  4. You forgot to add this one, Superman Classic, by Rob Pratt. He's an artist for Disney I believe who's made two mind-blowing fan films (short but really fun and great to watch with kids). I like his Superman the best. Here's the link to the first one on YouTube:

    The sequel is called Bizarro Classic:

  5. My favorite Superman on TV was Dean Cain. Not to nitpick, but his name typo above would make Superman cringe.

  6. I can't say. I'm biased. My uncle was an actor on the tv show.

  7. Christopher Reeves for film, but my all time favorite version of Superman is Alex Ross's from Kingdom Come.

  8. Man, no love for Gerard Christopher...

    1. Never watched THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY when it was on: was it any good?

    2. I thought the actor who portrayed Clark/Kal-El in "The Adventures of Superboy" for season one (John Newton) was actually better than his replacement (Gerard Christopher). At least comparing them each in their respective first seasons. I didn't watch after the swap when it seemed they were trying to make Clark a dweeb. Mild-mannered ≠ campy dork.

      For TV, I think Tom Welling did the best job as Clark Kent and establishing him as "mild-mannered" without going into camp nerdishness that the Christopher Reeve (film) and Gerard Christopher (TV) adopted. The family dynamic on "Smallville" was well done too. It sold Jonathan Kent as a father-figure shaping the "man" in "Superman".

      As of today though, Henry Cavill owns the role. It's just a shame he's so darned ugly.

  9. Dean Cain. I don't really remember much of the show, though, other than that it was very cool to watch a realistic superman on TV as a kid. :P


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