Sunday, July 22, 2012

Muddy Colors Welcomes, Paolo Rivera!

I am super, duper excited about our newest addition to the Muddy Colors roster, and I really hope you all will be too! If you've read comics any time in the last decade, you are probably already familiar with the work of Paolo Rivera. If not... allow me to blow your mind.

Paolo is probably most recognized for his work on the Mythos series, fully painted re-tellings of the origins of 6 different Marvel characters/teams.

Let me to repeat that. Fully. Painted. Each little panel, a miniature painting created using traditional media. (It's rather likely Paolo painted more compositions in his first year at Marvel, than I will paint in my entire career.)

Aside from the interior work, Paolo has been a really prolific cover artist at Marvel as well.

Paolo eventually decided to move on to pencilling. Most recently, He helped relaunch Daredevil, pencilling six out of the first ten issues. His Father, Joe Rivera, inked those same issues. The Father/Son team-up was so successful that Paulo and his Father each received, not one, but TWO Eisner Awards this year.

After ten years of working on some of the biggest characters the biggest comic empire has to offer, Paolo has finally decided to embark out on his own. No longer exclusive to Marvel (though his work with them will not cease entirely), he is free to paint whatever he wants. It could be DC characters. It could be SFF book jackets.  It could be his own comic. I have no idea. But I expect you and I will find out together in the upcoming months.

"So when will I first get a taste of Paolo here on Muddy Colors", you ask?

How does tomorrow sound?



  1. Another incredible Muddy. Thanks!

  2. You couldn't pick a better new roster member.

  3. Such great news! Several years ago, Greg Manchess told me to keep my eye on him. Can't wait till the next SFBC book project comes up!

  4. Welcome Paolo! I've been following your blog for a few months, and it's great to know that you'll contribute here as well. You're a great artist and a great addition to the team of masters that share their knowledge with us here. :) I wish you lots of success!

  5. Paolo that Captain America movie poster is one of the best in recent years. Nice "old school" painted feel for once and very well thought out to position the various characters without being too crowded. I love the punching out Hitler part especially. The featuring the "Howling Commandoes" was a nice touch too. The best thing to me about CA was the retro/historical setting and this poster was great for relaying that to the viewer. Welcome to Muddy Colors!

  6. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone (and thanks for the glowing introduction, Dan)!


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