Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012 IlluXcon Scholarship

I'm going to assume that everyone that reads this blog knows by now what IlluXcon is. If not, you can read about it HERE, HERE, and HERE. Long story short... If you like SFF art, this con is a must.

In addition to being committed to the advancement of Science Fiction/Fantasy art, IlluXcon is equally committed to art education. Not only do they offer student pricing on their tickets, but they also hold a student scholarship competition, for which the winners (yes, thats plural) receive all expense paid trips to the event. That competition, just went live.

The competition is open to all students - high school, college, atelier, etc, regardless of accreditation.

The deadline for submission is AUGUST 1st, 2012.

This year's judges are:
Lauren Panepinto (Art Director, Orbit Books)
Dave Palumbo (Artist and Art Director, Night Shade Books)
John Jude Palencar (Artist)
Greg Hildebrandt (Artist)
Jean Scrocco (Agent and owner of Spiderwebart Gallery)
Jim Burns (Artist)

More info, as well as the entry form, can be found HERE.


  1. Wait, so if I attend workshops on a regular basis does that count?! Or am I being too hopeful....

  2. Some of my students have more money than I. Does that count? This is a great thing, the responses should be overwhelming.

  3. Holy snap! This is an amazing scholarship. Muddy Colors, you guys always post such great things. Ok, if attending workshops is pushing it, am I right in thinking that being a student of life/the arts/self teaching is going to be a stretch as well?

    1. I'm guessing you need to prove enrollment in an actual school. It needn't be an accredited college, but it does need to be a -school-.


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