Thursday, June 28, 2012

"The Cairn at Slater Woods" Progression

-By Eric Fortune

This piece just went live online so I thought I'd share some progress shots.  As always I highly recommend getting decent photo ref for your art.  The reference I had taken had some pretty interesting folds.  But these didn't really reflect what I had in my head so I took what I liked and made up quite a bit.  I hate it when fabric doesn't obey my wishes.  I have to give props to Irene, the Art Director at Tor, for her direction on this one.  Totally worth the extra effort :)

To see the art with copy click here.


  1. When I saw the brief for this as part of the latest IMC, I wondered who had the actual commission. This is sublime. Those tiny leaves are a wonderful touch, and I like how the whole piece strikes a subtle note of mystery with just a deft hint of dread.

    I recently began working on a piece in acrylics on heavy cold-press paper and wow, is it ever a different experience than painting on canvas! I definitely see the attraction, and it's made me even more curious and appreciative regarding your work... thanks for this post, Eric!

  2. Beautiful as always Eric. I'm doing a giant black tree painting right now. I know you sent your spies. You';; let us know about cool shows coming right?

  3. David- It was interesting to see some images online that people from IMC had posted. I didn't realize until taking a second look that the imagery reflected the story I was working with. Always curious to see other people's interpretations of the same literature. Concerning water color paper, cold press at 140lb is great. At 300lb I prefer hot press.

    Bill- yes, my minions look not unlike your avatar;) My next show is coming up soon. July 14th at LeBass Projects. I tweaking the last piece for the show...Finally! So I'll have a bunch of new stuff online shortly:)

  4. Amazing piece Eric!! Was the rock cairn part of the story or just something you added as an artistic touch? I don't know what this goes to, how the story is interpreted, but that cairn starts to create a story in my head about finding the way through this dark, possibly enchanted forest.

  5. This is just utterly fantastic and lovely, I adore the strong feminism not only brought by the women but her clothing and pose. But I can't help to feel cautious around her, lol. I can't tell if this is acrylic, watercolor, or even gouache? I need to start using more traditional media again! If it's watercolor I'm shocked by the evenness! Great job! And good luck on your upcoming show :).

  6. Jason -A cairn was indeed part of the story. I had wondered whether to make it more obscure and subtle or more pronounced. I think it turned out ok.

    Kovacs- Thanks! It is acrylic on watercolor paper.

    1. Haha, just saw the title of the post. That's what I get for diving right into the meat of the article and skipping what it's called. O_o I think it looks great.

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