Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Microvisions 7

For those in the NYC area, the Microvisions 7 exhibit is currently hanging at the Society of Illustrators. In just a few days, the auction for these miniature works will go live. All profits from the auction will go to scholarships for deserving art students across the country. Thus far, the Microvisions auction has raised over $35,000 these students.

The auction will go live on Ebay this Saturday, April 26th at 7pm EST.
If it is anything like last year, the bidding for each piece will start at just $50!

Here is a preview of all 12 pieces that have been donated:

Peter DeSeve

Scott Gustafson

Dan dos Santos

Scott Bakal

Brian Despain

Chris Rahn

Terryl Whitlatch

John Picacio

Rebecca Guay

Nathan Fowkes

Scott Brundage

Julie Bell


  1. This is really awesome! So one just searches for the item on ebay and bids on it?

    1. I will post a link here as soon as it goes live.

  2. Awesome, a couple of them are amongst my favourites.
    Too bad I doubt I could have them for less than an eye and a leg:(

  3. They're all great, but I think that last one might be my favourite Julie Bell piece ever. The more I look at it, the more rewarding it is...

  4. It's tough to pick a favourite here - so many fantastic pieces. I'm amazed by how much detail can be incorporated on such a small scale!

  5. Amazing artists, some of them i've never heard about, but now I'm in love with their work, thank you for the references for scott gustafson! He is just amazing I'm sure I'll do some sketches of him


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