Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tiny Wizard Drawings

-By Justin Gerard

 Rough Sketches
Digital (CS5) and Traditional Pencil

Study of Sugar Glider 

Tight Drawing 


  1. Fantastic drawings, Justin!
    Such a superb design, form, movement…Beautiful little jewels.

  2. Fabulous drawing! You always manage to maintain clarity and include a lot of great texture in there as well. Thanks for posting!

  3. Suberb!
    I love it! I bought your latest sketchbook which I enjoyed as well! I use to have it around for instant-inspiration when drawing myself.
    I'm not sure you're around for answering questions, but if you're able I'd like to know what sorts of papers you use for sketching on and also what you like to paint on. Even though I draw on most papers and tapestry I'd like to know what you enjoy drawing on.
    All the best in the future, and thank you all for this awesome blog.

    - Per from Gothenburg.

    1. Hi Per,
      I draw on a lot of different papers. My favorites are just plain old heavyweight strathmore bristol (vellum). But I will also work on fabriano hot press or graphic white or basic copy paper. My favorite is heavyweight bristol though. Both for watercolor and for drawing.

    2. Thank you very much.

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