Tuesday, March 20, 2012


-By Justin Gerard

Some preliminary work for an upcoming project...


  1. Incredible, very dynamic. The beauty lie in the details

  2. Your preliminary trumps my finished! Amazing!

  3. Lovely, amazingly dynamic flow in the first and second one:)
    Can you share what kind of paper you use?
    The only sepia one I found around here is finished in such a way that the result is always a bit (a lot) washed out.

  4. ooh, these are beautiful! i love them, and cant wait to see more of that project :)

    let me take a wild guess:

    1) is gil-galad (spear, high-crowned helmet)
    2) is tuor, who, as far as i remember had a winged helmet
    3) with the dragon helmet, of course, must be turin. (wasnt turin black-haired, though, via his mother? i seem to recall something like him almost looking like a noldor elf)

    if you ever feel like writing up a little about the thoughts that go into your drawings, or pointers regarding the use of white pencil/toned paper... that would be absolutely interesting :)

    thanks for posting those!

  5. Beautiful! I love them. There's always such a loveliness to the combination of brown and white shadows and highlights =)

  6. Those are amazing. Are they done purely from imagination?

  7. These are beautiful, and beats my finished artwork any day.

    Would be great if you could include maybe some thoughts about the process or technique of working on neautral toned paper. What paper is this, by the way?

  8. Awesome. Also would love to know what paper is this... Looks like the same stuff Giancola uses for his, uh, abstracts.

  9. Whoa!
    I really like these (of course). The toned paper is so amazing for doing studies on - I need to start using this more. What kind of reference material (if any) did you use in the making of these sketches? The armour has superb authenticity and solidarity.
    Really want to see the finals!
    (And btw, how did the Seattle workshop go?)

    (this is a repost of my comment over at quickhidehere.blogspot.com)

  10. Hey Guys!
    The paper used is from a Daler Rowney Cachet Earthbound Sketchbook. They can be kind of hard to find. I always stock up on them whenever I can find them.
    I will do another post in the future that will give some pointers for drawing in this manner. In the meantime, everyone should go look up Alfonse Mucha's toned studies if you can find them! They are really inspiring for this kind of work.

  11. Is this what you are talking about?


    1. Looks like it. Though I try to get the spiral bound ones when I can, since it's easier to cut the sheets out for display.


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