Thursday, March 8, 2012

Goblins for "Rift: Planes of Telara"

-Justin Sweet

Here's some Goblins for the pile. Always fun to do.
Apologies for my -lean- contributions. I'll have something more substantial here shortly...


  1. Really nice colours:) love the creative characters:)- especially the longed leg fighting turtle like creatures.
    Is it a watercolour or?

  2. ah, i pored over all kinds of rift artwork i could get my hands on already :)

    thanks for offering more to the collection! your work is always an inspiration.

    aiva: it sure as hell looks like 100% digital to me.

  3. That Golblin Skirmisher, well, its simply the stuff that dreams are made of... Your level of "awesomeness" is off the charts!

  4. Awesome as always, but I'm not commenting just to point out the obvious. I recently stumbled upon your 'personal' blog - DROAR.
    Despite being a great fan of your work it was only by accident and I think you should absolutely use your next post on here to let people know.
    For those of you who actually read the comments - just google 'Justin Sweet droar' and the blog will be the third thing that pops up - I'm sure some of you will find this info useful.

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