Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fire and Ice sketch

Here's a little sketch I did in Corel Painter last year for Fire and Ice. Oil pastel was the only brush used.



  1. Looks good ... its hard to improve on Frazetta though.

  2. give something like like a feeling i found in frazetta's works :) .

  3. Great work, as always Justin.....I was wondering about the turn of the lizards main form or his body turn. It seems to have given the work a whole different from offense to defense. Is it just me, or was that a factor or just mainly a design and flow problem/solution? Maybe reading too much into it, but just wondering.
    And thanks for posting the process shots....amazing for sure. thanks.

  4. This is really cool. I've had a hard time breaking out of the habit of doing very tight drawings before painting over them.

  5. Wow, this is great! I really admire the fluidity that you maintained throughout the completion of the piece. And if you hadn't said "digital" at first I would have sworn this was traditional! That's what I love about digital tools these days - they have such an inherent painterly quality when used well. Thanks for sharing these progress pics!

  6. "Looks like meat is back on the menu Boys!"

    Thanks justin for showing your progression on this painting...

    I've been trying to work loosly lately, just to get some ideas down,
    and needed to see someone elses approach.


  7. I'm always amazed by pieces with an inherent sense of movement about them. My own work is always very tight and controlled and I have a hard time breaking out of that approach.

    Thanks for the process shots!

  8. been following your work since i was a wee lad. the general audiences will boo this comment i'm sure, but imho, Sweet>Frazetta.

    mind, this is an opinion, or fiery members of the fantastic four, but flame on anyway.

    i only mention this to combat the first comment, which was all... "you're style is an underthing not comparing to frazzetas", whereas i totally see others in their relationship to you.

  9. I go to the "oil pastel" more than any other brush in Painter. It's so versatile.
    Thanks for taking the time to share. Inspiring.
    ~ Tim


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