Monday, November 28, 2011

Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown

I've been a H.P. Lovecraft fan ever since I read "The Dunwich Horror" when I was twelve years old.  I know that I should have posted this around Halloween but maybe your turkey has grown tentacles after sitting in the refrigerator for too long! Here's a compelling documentary on Snag Films.

Snag Films link: Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown


  1. Both pieces are gorgeous, John. When I saw the second image, my first thought was:

    ".. are you sure this is Lionel Prichard? "

  2. Hey Dave - Good one. This was a homage to M. Night. I had done four sketches for that cover and they picked Lionel & the Wolfington Bros. sketch!

    Thanks Ben!


  3. The monochromatic browns in the second picture is enticing.

  4. Really, John? That makes me smile - my first reaction to just about anything is usually a line of film dialogue, which more often than not draws a confused look (mostly from my wife... mostly). It's nice to hit it on the nose for once!

    That scene is so unsettling and indelible for me, and you really captured that same quality... for me, horror works best in mundane settings like this.


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