Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Debbie Reynolds Collection

-By Dan dos Santos

Debbie Reynolds (Mother to Carrie Fischer), was not only an actress and singer, but also a notable collector of film memorabilia. Over her lifetime she amassed one of the most impressive collections of cinematic costumes in America. Two days ago, much of that collection was auctioned off, including Marilyn Monroe's famous 'subway dress', which fetched $4.6 million dollars.

Amongst that collection were some amazing pieces that would serve as wonderful reference for a fantasy artist. Such as, Elizabeth Taylor's dress and crown from the film 'Cleopatra':

Debbie Reynolds also collected other film memorabilia, including matte paintings and concept art... many of which centered around the works of her close friend Elizabeth Taylor. Here are two gouache paintings by Duilio Savina, used as concept pieces, again for 'Cleopatra'. The original paintings measure 40 inches wide.

The auction may be over, but the catalog is still available for download and contains hundreds of images. I don't know how much longer it will be available, so download it soon! The full PDF can be found here: a45_debbie_reynolds_catalog.pdf

This catalog is a treasure trove of wonderful costuming ideas and textures. From Ben-Hur to Joan of Arc, you're sure to find something inspiring.


  1. Holy sh... that is indeed an extraordinary collection. The catalogue is indeed a real reference gem! The costumes, the props, everything seemed to be in an excellent state as well.
    It's also nice to see all those classic movies appear as one browses through the catalogue :)

    Thanks for sharing this Dan!

  2. WOW! Thanks for the heads up! Great source of inspiration!

  3. Thanks Dan for letting us know.
    Really cool catalog.


  4. Told you I'm a frequent "Muddy Colors" visitor. Thanks for the terrific share!

  5. Thank you for sharing it! Those old epic movies (and the musicals) certainly have a lot of inspiring great art. Congratulations for the blog! :)

  6. Debbie's not dead, though! She was on So You Think You Can Dance a few weeks ago.