Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dorian Vallejo: Workshop

Dorian Vallejo, whom we have spoken of here before, is holding a portrait painting workshop next month in New Jersey, May 28th through the 29th.

I can personally attest to Dorian's teaching abilities, and strongly recommend that anyone on the East Coast who is interested in realist painting look into it further. I honestly believe Dorian is one of the finest portrait painters working in the United States today.

The workshop is two, 7 hour days, and includes demos as well as one-on-one instruction. Workshops of this nature have a limited class size, and tend to fill up quite quickly.

If you're interested in taking this workshop please contact: -
432 High Street - Burlington, NJ 08016 - 609.614.0542

For more info click HERE and HERE


  1. Thanks for the reminder Dan. Missed this last year because it was the same week as IMC. Just signed up. This should be fun.

  2. Cool. I'm thinking of doing this one myself, so perhaps I'll see you there!

  3. Holy crap. This is right by my house! Literally 15 minutes away. Hopefully I'll get the funds soon enough to register ;) I would love to do this.


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