Monday, December 20, 2010

Studio Space

by Arnie Fenner

John Jude Palencar suggested that we post pictures of our studio spaces and, what the hell, here are Cathy's and mine. Originally we had used one of the bedrooms in our house, but eventually needed more room and moved to the basement. Every so often we talk about renting an office or loft, but we've never been able to justify the added monthly expense (at least so far). There's something to be said for separating work from home; then again, we've always worked 9-5 jobs (until Cathy and Hallmark parted company last year; I'm still art director for Andrews McMeel) so the thought of another studio to drive to isn't all that attractive.

My space on the left, Cathy's on the right. Hanging on the wall in between is a men's magazine original painting by James Bama.

Above is Cathy's IMac. To the left is a printer/scanner.

Some of the toys sitting above Cathy's computer.

I couldn't bear to part with the hi-res AGFA scanner we'd bought years ago—and which still works like a champ—so we have it hooked up to a G4 to the right of Cathy's IMac. We use the bulletin board to ineffectually keep track of things.

I, uhh, sorta like Mike Mignola's Hellboy. Obscured behind is a poster promoting Jim Gurney's first Dinotopia book.

This is my workspace. G5, laser printer and fax to the right. On the easel is something of a mess of an unfinished acrylic and gouache painting that I work on every blue moon when I'm bored.

Some volumes of Illustrators that I have on the bookshelf. I've got them from the 1950s up to the most recent book. The sculpture of Dave Stevens' Rocketeer is by Kent Melton.

There are several tables, a couch, and a couple of bowing bookshelves in the studio as well. It's sort of astonishing to consider the amount of stuff you accumulate over the years, some for research but much just for fun and inspiration.


  1. Arnie...
    I want to see a pic of that painting you're working on.
    It looks awesome!

    And more importantly,
    will you be submitting it to Spectrum when you're done?

  2. Great Post. Please tell me you spent the afternoon straightening the place up first.

  3. Arnie; this nice and cleaned up studio makes my place looks like a den of a retarded drug addict. ( except he might have sold all the originals to by extacy and catfood )

    I want to see that painting too...

  4. Envy! I want a studio like that too. You wouldn't believe what a mess my entire tiny apartment is.

  5. Seriously Arnie, there's no dust on your toys. You photoshopped this right? Maybe a visit from CMYKilla?

  6. Funny, when Arlo looked at the pictures his one word critique was, "Staged!" He insists we're one or two purchases away from being featured on "Hoarders," but that's all smart-alecky exaggeration. Kids! You can't beat them anymore (especially when they're bigger than you are). But, I DID pick up some and ran the vacuum before I snapped the photos. And, yes, while CMYKilla DOES visit my pix regularly (mostly to add hair to my head), there was no need to clean these up too much:at 72 dpi the dust and cobwebs don't show.

    As for the's a royal mess. Trust me.

  7. My dinosaurs are going to have to take out the Hellboys. All of them.

  8. I love how the two toy/sculpture collections look like to armies arrayed against one another. That looks like a great space compared to my broom closet of a studio.

    Hmm... Hellboy Vs. Dinosaurs, if Mignola's reading this... maybe the plot for the third movie??

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