Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dragon Magazine

This is a precious illustration to me. It is one of those where I took a step in a new direction. Where I took a chance and dared something out of the comfort zone, and also one , where I diverted a lot from the art description and hoped that they would go for it.

Jon Schindehette had just a week ago written an article in his blog Artorder, where he said that a good way to not get hired again, would be to stray too much from the art description. So when mailing him the sketch for this one, I was crossing my fingers that he would like the new approach...well he did, and I picked up the brushes.

In this painting I tried for the first time a zoomed out scene with smaller figures than what I am used to. I almost always focus on a main figure making a heroic portrait with a semi detailed background. I was in the mood for doing a more complex painting. also I wanted it to be more of a scene than a portrait. That is ofcause a lot more difficult, but I am glad I did. The painting shows a female wizard being hunted by Wyvern riders. ( there is one more on the rooftop ) I wanted to capture the moment where the hunter and the hunted sees each-other and the last fight begins. this is the moment that are always the most intense in roleplaying. I cannot count the times I have been in the situation where the pour wizard girl is, wounded, out numbered and without the equipment, that could safe you.

Notice the reward posters on the wall with her picture on them.

When painting the fighter I focused on making him a solid muscular guy leaning toward the heavy site, ( kind of like myself except for the muscles ) thus making him seem more real and dirty.


  1. This painting is fantastic mr Ejsing. I do not know any of the othe rguys but you rock man!

  2. LOL.
    Yes, Mr. Ejsing, I would agree...
    you are the best.


    Your Wyvern is missing a finger on one hand!

  3. I´ll make you miss one finger Dan! watch it.

  4. I'm confused. I thought it had an extra finger on it's left hand, wing thing.... I mean, doesn't everyone have three fingers and a thumb? right?....

  5. the setting on this image is just EPIC !

  6. I had not heard of Ejsing before but I love this - subscribed to the blog via Google Reader and hope to see more!

  7. Question, are you using maquettes for lighting and form? It wasn't until I saw James Gurney using them that it really made sense to me. Getting proper reference can be very difficult sometimes. Without good ref I think i waste a lot of time trying to figure it out on my own. Often leaving me with a headache and minimal progress. I guess my point is...your wyvern and setting kicks major ass. Everyone works a little differently, just looking for a little insight into your process. Thanks

  8. your art makes me feel sorry for myself, but one day i too will get paid for drawing wyverns. thx for the blog, you guys are my idols

    ps the missing thumb is hardly noticable


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